Chase Coleman’s Original Self

According to Ingrid Bergman, it’s important to “be yourself [as] the world worships the original.” Chase Coleman, actor, director, singer and musician, definitely exemplifies this notion. Not only is he sexy, charismatic, confident and extremely talented and creative, but he is honest and down-to-earth. Having been born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and raised in Monroe, Louisiana, […]

Richard Hatch’s Universe Reimagined

re”We are an integral part of the creative process. We are evolutionary creatures capable from and mediating between both the highest and lowest aspirations of life. The spiritual and the physical. We are sacred artists capable of translating that which (ideas, concepts and creative vision) into  tangible, concrete physical expression. What a gift and what […]

Jon Mack Lets Her “Shadow Play”

  The unconscious mind enters a dreamscape world, set against the backdrop of a dystopian society in a post-apocalyptic world where a struggle exists between alien hybrids and humans. The edgy sweetness of a seductive and hypnotic female voice accompanied with electronic sounds and live instrumentation, and hauntingly powerful lyrics take us on a journey […]